​Memphis Brick Mason: Your Go-To Company for Brick Step Installation

Unless you live on land that is extremely flat with no elevation whatsoever and you don’t have to step up to enter your home, brick or stone steps are a necessity for maneuvering around your property and entering your home with ease.  All steps by Memphis Brick Mason are built on site with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Our brick step installation contractors in Memphis are experts at crafting structurally sound, eye pleasing steps to enhance your landscaping and make it easy for you to get around. 

We design and custom build each set of steps and the possibilities are endless for the appearance you want to portray in your yard.  We begin the process by excavating the area, leveling it, and then giving it a strong stone sub base.  We use steel to reinforce the concrete footings and core structure.  We then add the finishings, whether that be stone veneer, brick veneer, or concrete.  You can be confident that your new steps will stand the test of time if they are built by us.

Memphis Brick Mason

Best Brick Step Installation Contractors in Memphis, TN

Because of our intensive installation methods using steel to reinforce the steps, we stand above the rest of the competition.  Don’t let another company fool you into thinking they will build you a set of sturdy and safe steps.  Most step installation contractors use blocks that are just set on top of the sod and not reinforced.  The blocks disintegrate quickly from moisture, the mortar joints and veneer cracks and crumbles, and then you have a pile of rubbish in your yard and no way to get up to your home. 

​Memphis Brick Mason’s steps will withstand all types of moisture and hold up in almost any condition.  As for repairing brick or stone steps, we do that as well.  But just so you know, if we install brick steps on your property, you’ll probably never need us for repair work.  We will take care of your old or damaged steps at a reasonable cost.  We are courteous and professional and are looking forward to taking the next step to becoming your top masonry contractor in Birmingham.  Call us today!

Memphis Brick or Stone Step Installation
Memphis Brick or Stone Step Installation